Common Module on Military Ethics at Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA)

The Hellenic Air Force Academy has the honor to organize from Monday 7th until Friday 11th of November 2022, the common module on Military Ethics, under the auspices of European Security and Defence College (ESDC) with the participation of 30 cadets from Hellenic Military Academies, Hellenic Police Academy, Hellenic Fire Academy, Hellenic Coast Guard Academy, Military Academies from countries-partners of E.E. and college students from Hellenic Universities.

The module is based on the EMILYO CSDP Standard Curriculum which is the major component of EU training activities in the field of Military Ethics to develop and promote a better understanding of the moral dimensions of war and terrorism as an integral part of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union. The major aim of this module is to analyse the practical problems faced by actors (individuals, military organizations, states, and intergovernmental organizations) in adhering to ethical principles during the war.

In the Common Module will teach professors / speakers from the Hellenic Air Force Academy, Hellenic Civilian Universities, Military Academies of EU Member States, the European Security and Defence College and the European Defense Agency (EDA).

More information and the application for participation in the seminar are provided at the following link.