Alumni Network

What can a HAFA Alumni do?

Re-Connect with your Class and the vibrant Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA) Community.
The Alumni Network allows you to re-connect with former classmates and fellow HAFA Alumni. See what they have been up to, reminisce and share memories you have as cadets. By cultivating culture of helping and giving back, the Alumni Network connects you to our vibrant alumni community and helps you explore synergies with each other and the Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA).

Find Fellow Alumni Worldwide.
Utilize the trusted HAFA environment to expand your professional network. Find Alumni, see what they have been up to and stay in touch. Exploit the networking opportunities to discuss professional experiences at your field of expertise or even promote synergies.

Give back
Introduce and mentor current international to international cadets of your country of origin. Challenge yourself and if you are eligible, take part in the life of the HAFA by engaging yourself in one of the HAFA visitor-lecturer programs.

Leverage the professional network to get introduced to other class Alumni you should know. To exploit this opportunity, join the Alumni Networker.

Advance your career through the Greek Military/Navy/Airforce Educational Programs and the vast opportunities for follow-on trainings the Greek Armed Forces offer. Our extensive knowledge of the modern warfare leadership needs, allows us to guide and support HAFA alumni in their career path by providing them with exposure opportunities.

The Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA) has served numerous students and alumni, providing them with personalized services from one-toone coaching, access to scholarships and career advising. You may receive this valuable career support as alumni. To gain access to that service, join the Alumni Network.

Lifelong Support
As a strong supporter of life-long learning, Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA) encourages the professional development of its alumni, by offering them special benefits in the following:

  • Priority access to selective courses included in the Greek Armed Forces Military Education Assistance Program (trainings, courses and academic programs).
  • Certified military skill courses in various fields and subjects.
  •  Internationally recognized courses offered by the Centers of Excellence located in Greece as well as by the Military Peace Support Operation Training Center and the Naval Maritime Interception Operation Training Center.
  • Tuition fee reductions (discounted rates) for selected academic programs provided by a series of high respected collaborated Universities and Institutions in Greece or other European countries (on line programs available).
  • Access to the HAFA libraries (conventional and e-libraries).
  • Executive development seminars
  • On-line greek language courses
  • On-line skill seminars
  • Invitation receiving for public events (conferences, exhibitions, speeches etc) The HAFA alumni department hosts a variety of free access events, annually. Invitations to these events are sent out to all alumni. Ensure you receive these invitations by joining the Alumni Networker.