iMAF 2023 (international Military Academic Forum 2023)


The international Military Academic Forum 2023 (iMAF 2023) was successfully held this year in Athens from May 22nd to 23rd under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC). The three Hellenic military academies including the Hellenic Army Academy (HAA), theHellenic Naval Academy (HNA), the Hellenic Air Force Academy (HAFA) and the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) co-organized the event.

The Chairman of the Implementation Group of European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers inspired by Erasmus, Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Herald Gell, PhD(habil.), MSc, MSD, MBA, of Theresan Military Academy of Austria, and Capt. Major Christoforos Christoforou, Training Manager of the European Security and Defense College (ESDC), attended the event. Among others, highest-ranking officers, professors, and cadets from Military Universities and Academies of several European countries (Greece, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia), USA and Canada, attended the event.

The first day of the event was held in the facilities of the HAA. The Commander of the HAA, Major General Anastasios Polychronos, delivered his warm greetings and he sincerely welcomed the participants of the iMAF 2023. Cadets of European Military Academies presented their experiences from previous participation in the  exchanging program Erasmus+. Then,  participants got involved in groups concerning Lines of Development (LoDs), such as the International Air Defense Semester (IADS), the International Technical Semester,and the Strategic Communication.

The second day of the event took place in the facilities of the HAFA, where a welcome message was given bythe Commander of the HAFA, Major General Konstantinos Karamesinis. Then, participants were involved in the rest LoDs associated with Future Projects, the Legal Framework, the International Air Force Semester, the International Naval Semester, Research and Development, the Language Education and Training, and the Gender Mainstreaming. After that, the LoDs chairpersons gave brief presentations on the discussed themes. The closing ceremony was held in the facilities of the HNA. Following the welcome message from the Commander of the HNA, Major General Christos Sasiakos, an official dinner was provided to the participants of the iMAF 2023.