Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Hellenic Air Force Academy is to provide the Hellenic Air Force with officers possessing knowledge and expertise suitable for its needs and demands, to advance research on aviation and aerospace science and technology, and to support the operational tasks of the Air Force using the means and personnel available.


The mission of the Hellenic Air Force Academy is:

  • To produce and to impart to its cadets knowledge and expertise via research and instruction on aviation science and technology, and the related subjects in the fields of humanities, and natural and applied sciences.
  • To inspire military virtues in HAFA cadets and to man the Hellenic Air Force with HAF officers possessing a military and aviation consciousness, high education, advanced social, cultural and political skills, so as to become competent leaders, professionally and academically qualified to the highest degree.
  • To organize postgraduate programmes in collaboration with other higher education institutions and to conduct research in fields of interest to the Hellenic Air Force and the Armed Forces in general.