Research Objectives

The institutional framework governing HAFA postulates the main axes along which the Department’s Research Policy develops. According to Article 2 of the HAFA Regulation, one of HAFA’s major objectives is “to advance research pertaining to the Aeronautical and Aerospace Science and Technology and to the related humanities and natural and applied science fields”.

To achieve this, HAFA may collaborate with Universities, Research Institutes, the Defense Industry and other enterprises and high-technology organizations, in the context of the cadets’ dissertation writing and other research work, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and applied research in Aeronautical and Aerospace Science defense systems.

The main objectives and principles governing research are:

  • To serve the Department’s objectives and the demands of the Air Force and the Armed Forces in general.
  • To maintain a link between research and academic instruction.
  • To support academic activities conducted on an individual or collaborative basis.
  • To benefit from the Teaching and Research Personnel’s activities at the highest degree possible.
  • To guarantee HAFA’s high rating during the institution’s evaluation
  • To support HAFA’s participation in Committees and Councils of National and International Organizations
  • To disseminate the product of research activities