360 Air Training Squadron

HAFA’s 1st year pilot training is conducted at the 360 ATS, the purpose of which is to provide cadets with flight training at the selection phase, on the T-41D aircraft. In particular, the 360 ATS, under the HAFA Commander, organizes the personnel and the means available to undertake and fulfil the cadets’ flight training. It comprises Military Pilots and Engineers, as well as Technical and Administrative personnel, both civilian and military. The Squadron’ operation is generally governed by the standardization, assessment and safety rules established and implemented by the Hellenic Air Force at all Squadrons possessing flight means and having flight-related responsibilities.

360 ATS Commander

The Commander is responsible for the implementation of flight training and any other flight tasks assigned to the Squadron in accordance with flight training curricula and current standardization, assessment and flight safety rules. The Commander approves and supervises the daily flight and flight training program and is responsible for the professional training, performance, discipline and administrative follow-up of the Squadron flight instructors and staff. He also monitors the cadets’ flight training ability and progress as well as their overall presence and discipline in the Squadron. Moreover, he submits the Flight Training Curriculum to the competent bodies in accordance with the stages postulated by the Supreme Air Force Council and ensures the functionality of flight (and other) means as well as the overall smooth and efficient operation of the Squadron.