ECTS Units and Diploma

During their studies at HAFA, air cadets are awarded ECTS units (Academic-Military -Flight units) as postulated by Hellenic Law 3374/2005. The ECTS unit system accounts for the whole set of academic, military, flight education and training obligations that an air cadet must fulfil in order to meet the curriculum objectives by acquiring the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills. HAFA’s Educational Council is the body responsible for setting out and approving this unit system.

The full curriculum of the four-year studies at HAFA corresponds to a minimum of 240 ECTS units, of which at least 180 correspond to academic subjects. Each unit represents a workload of 25 to 30 hours that each air cadet must fulfil in order to meet the academic curriculum requirements. This workload includes the time needed for the completion of all scheduled academic activities at HAFA, i.e. lecture and seminar attendance, independent study, project work, laboratory work, examinations, final year dissertation project write-up as well as preparation and practical training in an operational environment.