Educational Laboratories

The purpose of educational laboratories is to implement laboratory-based training and practical work via which cadets can assimilate academic subjects and also conduct research for their final-year dissertation project. Moreover, laboratories support HAFA’s academic research as a whole, and also academic research conducted for the purposes of the Hellenic Air Force or the Military in general, by providing services related to each laboratory’s field of study.

Laboratory personnel consists of the Teaching & Research Personnel (TRP), the Special and Laboratory Teaching Personnel (SLTP) and the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel (STLP) of each Division. Each lab is headed by a Laboratory Director who is a member of the Teaching & Research Personnel of the department, preferably in the lab’s relevant field of study and of the highest rank. The Laboratory Director, who is appointed by the Educational Council for a three-year term following the proposal of the Head of Division, is responsible for its smooth and safe operation. His/her term in office may be renewed by decision of the Educational Council.

The Dean’s Administrative Support Department is responsible for the smooth operation of the laboratories by providing support in logistics, appliance maintenance, consumables as well as the acquisition of new equipment, raw materials and bibliographic sources.

Each laboratory holds its own premises and is fitted with scientific instruments and equipment for conducting practical exercises and research.

The organization and function of laboratories is governed by Hellenic Law 3187/2003, HAFA’s Regulation and the laboratories’ Internal Rules and Regulations. These are issued by HAFA following the Head of Division’s recommendations and the Educational Council’s approval and determine organizational and operational issues in accordance with HAFA’s Regulation.