Undergraduate Program

Outlines of Academic Courses

  • Pilot Stream
  • Engineer Stream
  • Engineer Stream – Aeronautical Engineering Specialization
  • Engineer Stream – Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering Specialization
  • Engineer Stream – Infrastructures Engineering Specialization
  • Air Defence Controller Stream
  • Supply Chain
  • Administation
  • Meteorology
  • Informatics

Course Code

Each course is marked by an alphanumeric index code, with each field indicating the following:

SS: Stream or Specialization

 EngineersAeronautical Engineering
 EngineersTelecommunications and Electronics Engineering
 EngineersInfrastructures Engineering
 Air Defence Controllers

D: Division, 0 for courses not belonging to a specific Division and 1 to 9 for Divisions according to the following table:

1Division of Leadership – Management, Human Sciences and Physiology
2Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
3Division of Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics
4Division of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Technology, Production Organisation
5Division of Aeronautical Engineering, Technical Mechanics, Construction Tests – Infrastructure Works
6Division of Thermodynamics, Propulsion and Energy Systems
7Division of Electronics, Electric Power, Telecommunications
8Division of Informatics and Computers
9Division of Automatic Control, Aerospace Technology, Defence Systems and Operations