Undergraduate Program

Outlines of Academic Courses

  • Pilot Stream
  • Engineer Stream
  • Engineer Stream – Aeronautical Engineering Specialization
  • Engineer Stream – Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering
  • Engineer Stream – Infrastructures Engineering Specialization
  • Air Defence Controller Stream

Course Code

Each course is marked by an alphanumeric index code, with each field indicating the following:

SS: Stream or Specialization

SS Stream Specialization
  Engineers Aeronautical Engineering
  Engineers Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering
  Engineers Infrastructures Engineering
  Air Defence Controllers

D: Division, 0 for courses not belonging to a specific Division and 1 to 9 for Divisions according to the following table:

D Division
1 Division of Leadership – Management, Human Sciences and Physiology
2 Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
3 Division of Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics
4 Division of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Technology, Production Organisation
5 Division of Aeronautical Engineering, Technical Mechanics, Construction Tests – Infrastructure Works
6 Division of Thermodynamics, Propulsion and Energy Systems
7 Division of Electronics, Electric Power, Telecommunications
8 Division of Informatics and Computers
9 Division of Automatic Control, Aerospace Technology, Defence Systems and Operations