The Deanery is headed by the Dean and is organized for the purpose of implementing the activities of academic education as follows:

Department of Teaching Staff

The DTS is responsible for issues concerning the teaching staff.

Department of Undergraduate Studies

The DUS is responsible for organizing and coordinating academic education, planning and implementing the academic curriculum, monitoring the implementation of the daily academic education program, issuing study guides, coordinating final-year dissertations, educational aids, the weekly academic program, the program of training and examinations, the academic course grades. On the whole, it organizes any activity related to the undergraduate program of academic studies.

Department of Administrative Support

The DAS provides secretarial support to the Heads of the Academic Divisions and to research programs. It also manages the logistics for workshops, seminars or conferences organized by HAFA or its staff, and support to online services on issues related to academic education, or to EUAFA and Military Erasmus activities, as well as support to all other administrative matters of the Deanery.

Department of Postgraduate Studies and Research

With responsibilities in all subjects of postgraduate studies and research.

Areas of Academic Education

All sectors of the academic education of HAFA.


The laboratories of HAFA and their respective academic Divisions.

Dean Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Dean is responsible for supporting the Dean’s activities and the keep a correspondence archive.