Building Facilities

HAFA has a main Teaching Building that houses classrooms and laboratories. More specifically, the Academy has 10 teaching classrooms with a capacity of 35 persons each, 6 classrooms with a capacity of 20 persons each, 4 classrooms with a capacity of 21 persons each and 10 classrooms with a capacity of 25 persons each. Furthermore, there are 3 classrooms dedicated to induction language courses for foreign students, 4 classrooms for the teaching of foreign languages with a capacity of 40 persons each, as well as 8 language labs with a capacity of 20 persons each.

In the main Teaching Building there are also 4 classrooms (capacity: 24) serving as IT labs and one more (capacity: 48) for the same purpose. There is also a Physics Lab (capacity: 12), an Electronics Lab (capacity: 52), and a Telecommunication Systems Lab (capacity: 24). Overall, 1,392 cadets can be instructed in this building.

Academic lectures and presentations can also be held in a small amphitheater accommodating up to 180 persons and a large one, accommodating up to 1,200 people.

The Academic Faculty Staff offices are situated in the Faculty Staff Building. There are 40 offices available for secretarial/administrative support. The Faculty Staff Building also houses rooms for tenure and temporary Academic Staff, a draughting room, a canteen and a photocopy room along with two board rooms with a total capacity of 70 people and a main foyer accommodating up to 104 people. There is also a Common Room for Professors Emeriti.

HAFA’s Administration is situated in the Dean and Military Education Director Buildings accommodating the offices of the Dean and the Director of Aviation and Military Education and the respective infrastructure and facilities (educational aids, academic planning, final year dissertation projects, public relations, IT support, Faculty Staff etc.). This Building has a capacity of 156 people.

Cadets have their own Common Room, which houses a canteen and various other recreation rooms, where they can engage in activities such as photography, plastic modelling, aeromodelling, painting, listening to music, playing table tennis or snooker, and watching TV.