Academic Education

Academic Education concerns the acquisition of knowledge in applied, technological and social sciences, and the humanities. Academic Education courses are taught at the Academy, to which all academic studies belong, so as to complement the military and flight training, both theoretical and practical.

Academic Education aims at providing HAFA cadets with university-level, specialized knowledge so that they become fully qualified, both academically and professionally, in the specific areas of study associated with their specialization and study stream. All scientific and academic courses form part of the Academic Education and are run by the respective Academic Divisions, complementing the cadets’ military and flight training.

Academic Education is carried out in semester courses in the form of lessons and lectures, assigned work and lab exercises, visits and field trips, homework and examinations. Academic courses are assessed on a 0% to 100% basis with a minimum passing rate of 50%. If, for any reason, the hours realized for a course do not cover at least three quarters (3/4) of the hours postulated in the Curriculum, the Educational Council will decide to extend the semester so as to cover this minimum requirement. Attending all courses is mandatory for all cadets. If, for any reason, at least 70% of the realized teaching hours for every course has not been attended by a cadet during the semester, then s/he is not eligible for an examination, and is considered to have failed and to be academically unqualified. 70% of the final examination grade and 30% of the progress test count towards the final grade for each semester course. The progress test grade may be the result of an oral or written progress test, a project, a lab exercise, or a combination thereof. In order to pass a course, a cadet must receive a grade of 50% or higher. A cadet who fails to do so, resits the examination seven (7) days at the earliest and forty-five (45) days at the latest after the end of the summer semester examination. In the case of Pilots who are in the year of their studies when solely flight training is taught in the summer semester, they can resit the examination seven (7) days at the earliest and thirty (30) days at the latest after the end of the winter semester examination period. When a cadet resits an examination, a minimum of 50% is required and they are awarded a grade of 50%. In case they score lower than 50%, they are considered to have failed and to be academically unqualified. A foreign cadet who fails a semester course is allowed to choose between a written or oral re-assessment by filing an application with the Undergraduate Studies office at the Dean’s Office at least three (3) days before the examination. The course instructor’s concession is required for an oral examination. An oral examination is carried out by the course instructor in the presence of the Head of Division. The examiners fill out a form, which is submitted to, and archived by, the Undergraduate Studies Office at the Dean’s Office. A cadet who, due to a health or other serious impediment, fails to appear at an examination or reassessment, will be examined within forty-five (45) days from the examination or reassessment date. If a cadet does not undergo the examination within this space of time, they are considered to have failed it.

The final yearly grade in academic education is the average of the grades of all the courses of both semesters, taking into account the weight each course carries. This final grade in academic education counts towards the yearly grade of a cadet’s overall performance.